Municipal Court Appeal Packet

Per the ordinance, each violation may be appealed to an Administrative Hearing Officer. Hearings are held at 7501A Independence Parkway, Plano, Texas 75023 (by appointment only). Details on how to schedule a hearing will be included on the Notice of Violation.

Failure to pay the civil penalty or to contest liability in a timely manner will constitute an admission of liability and waiver of your right to contest the imposition of the civil penalty. If found liable at the hearing; the civil penalty is due within 31 days of the finding. Failure to appear, after having requested a hearing, will result in the person being found liable.

A person found liable by the Administrative Hearing Officer may appeal this finding to the Plano Municipal Court. To appeal a finding of Liable to the Plano Municipal Court you must file with the Plano Municipal Court within 30 days of the Administrative Hearing, the following two documents:

The Appeal Petition and the Notarized Statement of Personal Financial forms can also be obtained in person at the Plano Police Substation lobby located at 7501A Independence Pkwy., Plano TX. 75023.