Mini-Grant Program

The Neighborhood Engagement Mini-Grant Program is intended to provide a resource to neighborhoods looking to build or strengthen neighborhood involvement in voluntary homeowners associations, voluntary neighborhood associations, and crime watch groups located in non-mandatory HOA Neighborhoods. The program will support new or established neighborhood groups with initiatives that improve collaboration among residents, build their leadership team, create new relationships, strengthen inclusiveness and/or increase outreach to neighbors to improve the quality of their neighborhood. The Mini-Grant Program maximum award amount is up to $500. Neighborhood groups are limited to one application per year. 


Updated program guidelines will be provided in March, however, applicants should start planning now. Applicants interested in the Mini-Grant program should contact the program administrator for further information. An Idea Proposal should be submitted prior to completing a full application to allow staff to assist in identifying areas needing further development or research and ensure the proposal meets grant guidelines.

A Idea Proposal Form will be provided in February. 

Quotes from Program Users

“We believe this project will serve as an important tool to keep our entire neighborhood informed, engaged, and encourage increased social participation.” 

- Independence Hill Homeowners Alliance

“Signs and postcards have helped create awareness of the neighborhood association as well as generate enthusiasm for future events.” 

- Old Towne Neighborhood Association

“By use of the signs purchased with the funds, our 3rd annual Block Party attendance was increased from 77 to 102, a 32% increase. Because of the increase attendance…, a neighbor has stepped up as our new crime watch lead… The visual signs has given our neighborhood a sense of pride.” 

- Imperial Park Crime Watch

“This (welcome packet) will clearly identify the household as an HOA member, instilling a sense of pride in the neighborhood and support for the HOA."

- Preston Meadow North


For more information about the Mini-Grant Program, please contact Esmeralda De La Cruz at or 972-208-8150.